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Innovative Food Solutions

Passionate about food innovation and helping our partners achieve excellent results, our food service team exists to see your business thrive.

INNOFOODS’ handmade value-added food solutions help chefs reduce food and labour costs, while bringing new menu ideas to kitchens across Hong Kong.

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INNOFOODS is all about providing Innovative Food Solutions to our customers and partners in the food service industry. We are constantly developing new products that help leading chefs to reduce the time and cost needed to create excellent, hand-made meals.
Great meals take time to prepare and are made by hand. With this philosophy at our very centre, our care and attention to detail is evident in every piece.
We believe in meeting and exceeding expectations, and we focus on the consistent and reliable supply of our products.
Our innovative food solutions are value-added, pre-prepared and hand-made with care. These are products that save you time, money, and consistently result in profitable outcomes for your food service business.

Our Commitment to Innovation

New & Exciting Food Service Concepts
Developed by Industry-Leading Chefs
Using the Highest Quality Ingredients
On-Trend Finger Foods, Meals & Desserts

Our Hand-Made Food Solutions

Finger Foods & Canapés
Finger Foods & CanapésFirst Impressions
perfect for function menus, buffets, and à la carte dining, our fine range of hand-made finger foods and canapés are made to our own winning recipes in consultation with our Executive Chefs and industry-leading customers
Innovative Meal Accompaniments
Innovative Meal AccompanimentsMains That Excite
outstanding meal accompaniments take considerable time and care, and our handmade range of value-added meal accompaniments reflect this commitment to creating meals that excite customers again and again
Inspirational Desserts & Cakes
Inspirational Desserts & CakesThe Finishing Touch
lasting impressions are created with the perfect finishing touch to a meal – our desserts balance artistic presentation with inspired recipes, finishing every meal with a sweet touch and an unforgettable dining experience

A few of our innovative food solutions: